Monday, April 02, 2012

Vintage Gay Photos and Ambiguity

Back in October I blogged a little about the difference between a vintage photo which is simply 'gay interest' and a photo that might just be representing something more than simple mates or brothers or comrades in arms. The photo above is an example of how ambiguous things can be, the affection is clearly there, in fact in the bottom picture the shorter guy could almost be seen to be nuzzling against the taller guy, and the slightly camp flavour given to the picture by the fact they are wearing hats with women's names on makes one wonder. But nothing conclusive. The photo below, actually printed on postcard stock, is a similarly ambiguous image where the affection seems a little too close for it to be merely a male-bonding session. Clearly, other people thought so to, the photo below sold recently for 70GBP.

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