Thursday, April 26, 2012

Recommendation 6

I'm away for a few days, with limited internet access, half-way up a mountain. And so I hope you will excuse these pre-prepared posts in which I shall simply recommend you go away - or more specifically, recommend a more interesting place for you to go to...

Of course, this has been a link on my blogroll for a long time, being my partner, R's own blog about his passion for the Staffordshire ceramics company Powell, Bishop and Stonier. He's been at it (the collecting that is) for years, and he's uber-knowledgable about this kind of thing. So if you think you could stretch your interest to encompass things that aren't made of paper then you should try his informative and often witty blog which contains nothing that isn't safe at work, despite being called, Porcelain Porn.

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