Saturday, April 07, 2012

Pan Paperbacks

Pan paperbacks feature occasionally on this blog. Usually because of the great cover art. The last time there was a Pan paperback featured here, it prompted no less than two recollections of childhood trauma. John Coulthart spotted that the book I posted had cover art by the same artist who had created a similarly grotesque piece for another book which he had written about back in 2007. And Art Durkee had actually read the book as a youngster and remembered being given nightmares by it.

The cover art in question was by W. Francis Phillips and a little further investigation revealed some more of his work, originals in fact, at the wonderful Books and Things website. Strange, given how we have been introduced to him, that much of what they have there is of a much more innocent vein (and very reasonably priced, I thought).

Of course, what I should have known is that there is already a massive website dedicated to Pan paperbacks run by a man who clearly wouldn't mind being called obsessive in his collecting of them. In fact, there is a call out on his website for the last four main series Pan paperbacks that he doesn't yet have... go on, see if you can help out... do you have one on his list? If so, please mention you were sent by us. It turns out that Pan collectors are, inevitably I suppose, called Panfans. And if you haven't had your fill by now, you should try the rather wonderful Daily Pan Paperback blog.


Tikit said...

Many thanks for the website plug Obsessive - who me? My wife would agree but I see it just as a hobby.
Regards, Tim
PS Actually I only need 3 titles to complete the set.

Tikit said...

Now only 2 titles to go!

Tikit said...

Now only 1 to go!!!!!

Who links to my website?