Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Keith Vaughan and Books

2012 is the centenary year of Keith Vaughan's birth. At the recent Pallant Gallery exhibition in Chichester there was a good selection of books illustrated by him or at least with their jackets designed by him. It struck me that it would make a very good collection. I'm sure that someone, somewhere, has done this work before but I thought I would begin the process of listing the books that Vaughan was involved with. For starters we know that he had a very close association with John Lehmann. Lehmann had worked at the Hogarth Press as Leonard Woolf's assistant until he went off to start his own publishing business in the 1940s. Lehmann, as a publisher was known for his use of the so-called neo-romantic artists for jacket design and illustration. Lehmann was, by no means, the only publisher that Vaughan worked with (as the photographs here of books I've pulled off my shelves attest), but you have to start somewhere. I will update this post as more come to light and, in the future I hope to create a wider list of publishing work by Vaughan.

New Writing and Daylight 1946 edited by John Lehmann (1946)
Poems from Giacomo Leopoldi translated by John Heath Stubbs (1946)
A Mountain Boyhood by Andre Chamson (1947)
The Spirit of Jem by P. H. Newby (1947)
A Greek Poet in England by Demetrius Capetanakis (1947)
The Other Theatre by Norman Marshall (1947)
French Stories from The New Writing edited by John Lehmann (1947)
A Hard Winter by Raymond Queneau (1947)
Orpheus. A Symposium of the Arts Vol. 1 edited by John Lehmann (1948)
Africa Dances. A Book About West African Negroes by Geoffrey Gorer (1949)
The Station. Athos: Treasures and Men by Robert Byron (1949)
Travels Through France and Italy by Tobias Smollett (1949)
Don Juan by Lord Byron (1949)
The World is a Wedding by Delmore Schwartz (1949)
A Little Stone by Paul Bowles (1950)
A Vagrant and Other Poems by David Gascoyne (1950)
The American Genius. An Anthology of Poetry With Some Prose selected by Edith Sitwell (1951)
English Stories from The New Writing edited by John Lehmann (1951)
Pleasures of New Writing edited by John Lehmann (1952)

Update: 28.5.12: The first Hogarth Press cover by Vaughan to be scanned here is this, ironically perhaps, written by John Lehmann. The Sphere of Glass (Hogarth Press: London, 1944)

Update: 29.08.12. Although using the same design, this is another title in John Lehmann's Library of Art and Travel and is it printed in a different colourway to the book on Africa above. Edinburgh by Sacheverell Sitwell and Francis Bamford (Lehmann, London, 1948) first published ten years earlier by Faber

Update: 20.09.12: This is a John Lehmann publication from 1946, with a second impression in 1947, of Billy Budd by Herman Melville.

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