Sunday, April 15, 2012

Goodbye NEC

This is the hardest day of all at the NEC Antiques for Everyone, breaking down the stands, packing and loading about 17 crates of books onto the van takes 3 or 4 hours of back-breaking work, followed by a couple of hours drive home again.

I hope you'll therefore forgive this somewhat pre-baked post in which I simply introduce you to the wonderful website of Rennies in Folkestone. I do this because it follows loosely from yesterday's use of a Barnett Freedman image: this eclectic gallery has something of a specialist in Freedman and the photo above comes from their website and shows Eric Ravillious, Barnett Freedman and Paul Nash together in uniform in 1940, taken by Christine Nash. I would whole-heartedly recommend the entire website for burrowing around in...

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