Thursday, April 12, 2012

Antiques for Everyone at the NEC

300 dealers, over 100,000 items for sale, Antiques for Everyone is a vetted and datelined antiques and I'm working here all week despite a hideous cold. As a result my blogging may not quite be up to par but I hope you'll forgive, gentle reader. There are some truly wonderful things for sale here, including a Bishop and Stonier coffee service complete with ceramic Lazy Susan and those of you who've been paying close attention will know that to be an item to set my husband's heart a-racing... see here for further details...

For stallholders these kinds of fairs are basically non-stop talking, talking, talking with all-comers and as I woke up yesterday with a streaming cold and sore throat that's been something of a challenge.  Thanks to Mark, Judith and Tracy on the Miller's Guide stall for keeping me at least half-way sane.

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