Friday, April 13, 2012

1930s Trade Catalogues

The 1930s was perhaps the hey-day of the trade catalogue and the art work is distinctive and, to my eye, often worthy of credit. Everything from hats to wrought iron ballustrades, lamps, pipes and water measurement devices would have their own catalogue. As an area of study, these catalogues are just being recognised as having something serious to offer to our understanding of material culture and the V & A National Art Library has a special collection of the things.  I hadn't imagined that I would today be blogging about this topic except that at the Antiques for Everyone fair I have been talking with the lovely Nicholas Daly, bookdealer, and while browsing his stall my eye fell on just such a catalogue, in this case, for fireplaces. I was just thinking to myself how much I liked it and how great the art work was in a kind of domestic Art Deco kind of way when I flicked to the front of the book and saw that this particular company was based on The Quay, Portsea, just literally down the road from Callum James Heights. So, I think, tomorrow I shall be purchasing that but sadly I didn't do it today so these illustrations: just a few odds and ends I've been able to pull off the net. Hopefully tomorrow I shall be able to share...

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