Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Vintage Photos on a Tuesday

Today is all about the vintage photo. The above group of sexy sailors arrived this morning. The photos below, however, I have pulled out of a mixed lot of cartes-de-visite that I bought yesterday. The first is fun because of the script, obviously intended to be inserted as the first and introductory photo in an album. The second is a picture of a schoolboy from the world famous Christs Hospital School which, when this was taken, was in London (it's since moved out to the country) but amazingly the school uniform hasn't changed since and those socks would have been even more peculiar if it was a colour photo since they would have been (and still are) bright yellow. What makes that photo particularly nice, I think, is the addition on the back, in a contemporary hand of "Johnnie 12. 1862" which just adds a certain personal charm to the image. The bottom image I just thought was unusual in its slightly impressionistic approach and the profile angle rather than a straight-on portrait.

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