Sunday, March 25, 2012


Here on the South Coast we have been basking in unseasonably warm temperatures, misty hazes and strange tides. My recent trip to the Isle of Wight was quite delightful: a morning in the Ryde Bookshop, lunch with a lovely friend followed by a walk all the way from Ryde to Seaview and back again with tea at the cafe on the sea wall at Puckpool (from whence the view above). It is amazing what a little bit of sunshine can do for one's mood! When I got back to the mainland I witnessed a charming encounter at the bus station whilst I was waiting for my bus home. A young man in a thin white t-shirt was clearly covered in more than the usual extent of tattoos and two of the sweetest little old ladies you can imagine decided to ask him about them: a vibrant, interested and in-depth conversation ensued for at least ten minutes between the three of them on all the finer points of tattooing - delightful...

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