Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Reasons to Buy a Book...

Both these books were bought today from Charity Shops. The first (above) I bought purely on the strength of the lettering on the jacket: moody, dark, and portentous as any 'tall dark man' should be. The jacket is signed 'Rudland': I believe that might be the illustrator Peter Rudland. The second (below) I picked up because of the jacket but probably wouldn't have bought it, but for the fact that it turns out to have an obscure connection to one of my Queer Victorians. The Hon. Roden Noel was fairly openly bisexual, his story is related as one of Havelock Ellis's case histories, he wrote enough whimsical and sometimes baroque poetry about ambiguous and androgynous youth that he was included in the canon of Uranian poets. He wasn't the only member of the family to lead an unconventional life however. His son, Conrad Noel became known as the Red Vicar of Thaxted and this book, it turns out, is based upon events in Thaxted during Noel's time as incumbent. Strange how the slightest of connections can nudge us one way or another when the we have to decide if we are going to part with our money.

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