Friday, March 09, 2012

Patterned Papers

I seem to be surrounded at the moment by wonderful bits of patterned paper. The above is my diary, bought for me only recently by a very good friend who was fed up of my not being able to write down when we were next going to meet. Unfortunately, it had one of those hideous black plastic covers on it so I had to cover it. The paper comes from the Pallant House Gallery in Chichester. It has finished now, but in their small print room gallery they had recently a display of work by Enid Marx. I wish now that I had blogged something about it at the time. Clearly though, when I saw the shop at the gallery selling wrapping paper in a number of her designs, I couldn't resist.

And this paper (above) is of course the wonderful black and white design by John and Jane Jefferies in Edinburgh that was printed specially for the covers of the latest CJB offering: An Arcadian Photographer in Manhattan: Edward  Mark Slocum by Donald Rosenthal. Every time I feature the Jefferies's paper on this blog I get a slew of emails from bookbinders and other crafty folk wanting to know how they can lay hands on some and, for a number of reasons, I am unable to help much. That might be about to change so watch this space for announcements in the near future.

This pattern is from the endpapers of a mid 1930s edition of Everybody's Book of Fate and Fortune, a compendium of good luck charms, astrology, phrenology and other forms of divination. More of that book later methinks.

And this one is the rather lovely inside of an old cigar box (I think cigars) that I have been using for a while as a storage box for bits of ephemera and, when clearing it out yesterday, noticed the wonderful paper for the first time.

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jax said...

You've inspired me to look through all my books and boxes now! Love the vintage cigar box paper.
I recently came across Starch Green I love the Comet End paper, does some lovely engravings too!
If you find any more I would love to see

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