Thursday, March 15, 2012

Jean Marais At Home

Jean Marais, French actor and hero of the silver screen, lover of Jean Cocteau, hardly needs any introduction by me. It's well known that when his acting career began to wane after decades of non-stop film-making and treading the boards, he turned to painting and sculpture. I hadn't known, until I bought the photo above, however, that he was clearly also a collector of modern studio pottery. Or at least, modern, in the 1970s which is when this fab photo was taken. The photo below came with it and is a much more straightforward portrait shot of a slightly younger Marias, dated on the verso in the 1950s


Clive Hicks-Jenkins said...

Callum, not only did Marais collect studio pottery, he made it too. Rex Harley, one of the authors of my monograph, has a beautiful piece by him that I greatly covet. He spotted it un-attributed in a shop and acquired it because he liked it so much. It was only later that he was able to identify the mark. What a find!

Callum said...

Hi Clive,

I wonder then if all those pots are his own. It would be grest to know more about the mark he used... who knows where one might find some. It's a great piece of 1970's interior design to have all those floating platforms on the wall like that.



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