Saturday, March 10, 2012

Callum James Books Short List #6

Just published is our latest short list catalogue, this time with 25 items, all books, with an emphasis on gay literature and 'strange tales', the latter particularly by the inclusion of a small collection of books by Richard Marsh.

The short list mailing is open to anyone and is hardly onerous, with one email every two months or so, somtimes more often, sometimes less. The email contains a text version of the list and a link to a fully illustrated pdf file version of the same. If you would like to see this catalogue and be included on the list for the future, please email me at

callum at callujamesbooks dot com

We also have a separate email list which anounces any new Callum James Books publications. If you would like to be included on that list as well please mention it in your email.

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