Friday, March 23, 2012

Book Collecting as a Disease: The Case of Peter Rudland

You see, we are now entering a borderland where book collecting becomes potentially injurious to the wallet and the soul.... A couple of days ago I blogged about a book I had bought purely for the design of its dust jacket, it was signed Rudland and I think that refers to a Peter Rudland I found glancing images from on the Internet. So, just two days later I am on the Isle of Wight, browsing the Ryde Bookshop, a tall town-house of a shop with all the literature at the top of the building. And lo, not one, not two but three more books with jackets by Rudland jump off the shelves and into my hands. I am fond of telling people that two of anything is a pair, three is a collection... It appears I now have a collection of books with dust jackets illustrated by a man, about whom I know absolutely nothing. And I'm really not sure how it happened.

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Patrick said...

And how are the actual books, Callum?

Beautiful jackets.

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