Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Architecture Sketches

Even when buying what appears to be a lot of mixed children's books at auction, it appears I still can't avoid picking up the remains of amateur artists. These rather sweet drawings were tucked between some books. From top to bottom, Sir John Soane's Mausoleum, The Red House (i.e. the place where William Morris made his home), the Bank of England, The Gaiety Theatre and Glasgow School of Art. None of these drawings are much bigger than a postcard.


Self-effacing ghost said...

Small misprint alert! It should be "Sir John Soane's mausoleum", not "the Sir John Soames Mausoleum". The description's ambiguous anyway: Soane (architect inter alia of the Bank of England and of his own extraordinary home, now the Sir John Soane Museum) did design the mausoleum (& the rest of the original gallery) but he doesn't lie in it himself. And it was indeed destroyed, or at least badly damaged, by German bombing in 1944, but has since been rebuilt.

Apologies if I'm telling you what you already know. Many thanks for your diligence over the past three months - this remains my favourite blog.

frances said...

Is that a signature of Philip Webb who was the architect of The Red House? If so you might have an even greater treasure than you thought?

Callum said...

Thank you both for your comments. Misprint now corrected thank you, and for the added information. Frances... if only... I'm afraid these are, from the notes on the back of some of these, quite clearly the visual 'notes' of an architectural student so the Philip Webb is not a signature.

I should perhaps mention that these are currently (until Sunday evening) for sale on Ebay... use the link top right of the blog to find them if interested.

Thanks agin folks


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