Thursday, February 02, 2012

The Glen Halik and the Halik Trio

The photo above caught my attention recently when it was offered for sale online. I'm sure you can see why! The listing on Ebay was basic in the extreme but mentioned the Halik Trio. There was very little else to go on, but Google helped direct my steps to the University of Iowa where they have a digital archive of material about "Travelling Culture" and included in that is an 8 page pamphlet extolling the merits of the Halik Trio. Clearly they were a group of three young people, one imagines brother and sisters, who toured the country giving recitals. Glen here played the violin, Lois was a pianist and mezzo-soprano, and Elsa gave dramatic readings. Tantalisingly, I've been able to dig up nothing further.


Anonymous said...

They look like your typical Grindcore outfit.

Elin said...

<3 <3 <3

xx :D

J said...

Look out, Joshua Bell !!!

Anonymous said...

Magnificent photos. Smitten with that young man's smouldering beauty. And to think that, today, he could very well be someone's great-grandfather.

Your research into your subjects is so greatly appreciated.

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