Monday, February 13, 2012

Fine Paperbacks

I'm always on the lookout for areas of book collecting that are ripe for development and, in order to stop myself from plunging into the expense and wasted months of actually making such collections, sometimes I come here and write a brief note about the idea in the hope of diffusing the actuality.

In the last couple of months I've been fortunate to have to hand a number of paperback books in absolutely fine condition. The ones pictured are from the 1950s through to the 70s. It struck me that we have come to expect the paperback to be creased and dogeared, spine creased and bent, but if these can be in such spanking condition, why can't others. How about a collection of paperbacks from the last half of the twentieth century but with the guiding principle that they can only be bought and added to the collection in absolutely pristine collection: no creases on the covers or the spine, no splayed corners, no splits in the glue binding... It would surely be one of those collections where any reasonably sized bookshop might be expected to yield a couple of finds but not so many that it becomes too easy.

For the record, I know that in the Penguin Handbook, The Culture of the Abdomen, there is a small blemish on the cover which would rule it out of my proposed collection, but I thought I'd include it because the title is so very cool!


Anonymous said...

To be honest, this sounds like a recipe for OCD mania. I'm trying to get over my obsession about the flaws of my books, not embolden it!

Callum said...

You're probably right. I apologise. I wonder if there is a Fine Books Anonymous group somewhere...

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