Monday, January 30, 2012

The Rocky Mountains in 1917

I have a weakness for 'books of views'. They come in all shapes and sizes and from almost every era since the invention of photography, in fact, since the invention of drawing really. Anyway, this one is particularly nice. The photos are all mechanically printed - I've no idea if the process has a name - in colour. This is fairly large (oblong 4to) book of 24 views "made exclusively for the Van Noy Inter-State Company, Denver, Colorado. For sale only en route on the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad" and it was published in 1917. I find the whole thing very evocative.

A new trick of mine is to go looking on Google Earth for the places that cross my desk in vintage photos. It's a dangerous business as the potential for wasting entire afternoons on Google Earth has always been high but it's great fun when you finally find the same spot today and can switch to streetview to make comparisons.

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