Monday, January 23, 2012


Phew! That was close. Since Christmas Day I have been trying to keep up the discipline of one blog post a day and I seem to have got this one in with about half an hour to go. It's been a peculiar weekend. As well as publishing the last in the Raven series, with all the wrapping and packing and posting that follows on from that, I also visited the brilliant Pallant Gallery in Chichester. The main purpose of this was visit an exhibit of work that was finishing the same day and which included a great number of the Bloomsbury group painters. Strangely, there was one painting in particular which was almost a perfect fit for this blog: a Keith Vaughan painting of two nude male forms that was given to E. M. Forster by Christopher Isherwood - if it were a book it would be an amazing association copy. Anyway, as it turned out, that exhibition was unexpectedly outshone by the amazing and huge exhibition of work by Edward Burra currently also at the Pallant. Work that neither R nor I particularly expected to like we were completely taken aback by. The exhibition includes every aspect of his output from his Harlem and Paris street life scenes, through the surrealist, Lovecraft-inspired 1930s to his Sussex landscapes and theatre designs - a real surprise and I know that some of you are near enough to Chichester to visit - GO! All of this and then being incapacitated by an excruciating toothache for twenty-four hours has made this a most unusual weekend.

So, above and below, what do we have? I have been looking through a large Victorian collection of crests from letterheads. I blogged the monogram pages a little while ago. These though are just a small selection of the ones which took my eye among hundreds of heraldic devices these jumped out for being a little unusual. A game of croquet and a game of something like lawn tennis, the crest of a butcher perhaps? and then how could I resist a tiny crest with the Latin motto made famous by The Dead Poets' Society, Carpe Diem.

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