Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Barnett Freedman, A Proper Look

On The 9th Day of Christmas I mentioned my small collection of books in jackets by Barnett Freedman. I think I rather short-changed the poor chap by the two quick photos I was able to take at the time so here are some much larger and more considered scans for you.

I have been trying to analyse what it is that draws me to these jackets. Among other things it has to be the colour palette, also the texture of the black from the lithographic crayon. I think too, I enjoy the way that many of his designs are composites of a number of different elements from the book being illustrated, layered over and next to one another to create a whole new image.

These books (all but one published by Faber and Faber) are from the 1930s and 40s and when you see one on the shelf in a bookshop, it just leaps out from the crowd. I said how this was a collection which started accidentally but I suspect it will be quite deliberately fostered from now on.

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