Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Three Sets of Harry Potter Designs

So today we have a set of three different designs for the Harry Potter books. There are a number of places where you can see the various covers that have graced these incredible books over the years in various editions, countries, languages and versions. in particular, the Harry Potter Wiki has a fairly comprehensive summary page. It's fair to say that, unlike the novels themselves, design-wise, on the whole the Harry Potter series has NOT been a great. Bloomsbury themselves quickly realised that these were books that appealed both to adults and children and, in an effort to make them less embarrassing to read on the train to work, they began issuing each book with its own 'adult' cover. This was the first attempt at this and the most promising, but it faltered and stopped at book 4. There is a complete set of adult covers now available but they are just a bit shiny to be of much graphic interest to me.

Much more interesting in many ways were the Swedish book covers, much more Manga then any other country's editions and slightly edgier to boot, these are by a Chilean-born Swedish illustrator called Alvaro Tapia:

But, by far the most interesting designs for the Harry Potter series have never been published. M. S. Corley, an incredibly talented and interesting designer and illustrator posted a series of concept designs for the Potter series to his blog in 2009: Harry Potter meets vintage Penguin - genius!


Vintagemaison said...

I think out of all of them, the Penguins appeal the most to me - nice sharp, clean lines, with a classic style.

Farida Mestek said...

I have the first three "adult" covers but I had no idea that there was the fourth. I wondered though why there weren't the others - pity that! And I love the covers that were never published. I've never seen them before - thank you for sharing!

Callum said...

It's one of the really annoying things that a publisher can do when publishing a long series over a long series of years: to change the design half-way through leaving people like me fuming at the idea of having to go and spend money on boooks I already have in order to have a complete set.

I think my favourite too is the Penguin set and it prompts me to wonder how long it will be before there is a Penguin set of Harry Potter novels...


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