Friday, December 30, 2011

Six Great Blogs to Explore

Six blogs which I don't think have been mentioned here before but which feature on my favourites list and may of of interest to readers... perhaps you know some of these, perhaps not, all of them are, IMHO, worth both watching and exploring...

An amazing blog where, almost daily, the owner manages to find incredible pieces of ephemera for sale on Ebay and posts a picture, link and the first part of the seller's description. Always the most interesting things... great for learning about things you didn't know were sought after...

Book Dedications
This is a new one to me but I'm slowly working my way through the back-entries: "does exactly what it says on the tin"

M. S. Corley
This is a slight cheat because this blog has been mentioned just the once, and quite recently, as it is by the designer of the Harry Potter/Penguin book covers I mentioned a couple of days ago but, an extremely talented artist and designer with plenty to show off...

Illustrated in Colour Throughout
This is a 'finished' blog. A student working for a masters degree in design and illustration used the blog to catalogue and showcase the illustrated books they found during the course of their course! So no new stuff but plenty to surf through.

Academic Nudes of the 19th Century
The most artfully astute of you may have noticed that the illustration I plucked off this blog is, in fact, from the 17th century, but that only goes to indicate the catholic, generous nature of this blog in which a very cultured blogger explores the male and female nude from the 17th century onwards really, with a bent towards art with a sense of draughtsmanship about it. A great deal of this blog is illustrated from the blogger's own collection which I always think is a bit nicer than a blog made up entirely of reposts from elsewhere on the Internet. You'll find it behind a mature content wall but I haven't found anything on here that would make my mother blush.

East Village Boys
An art, culture and lifestyle blog that's modern, urban and very sexy. This one does have a good amount of full frontal nudity, but no pornography, so probably best not clicked at work.

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Passionate about the Academic Nude said...

Callum, thank you for the nice comments about my blog, Academic Nudes. Your observation about my infatuation with the technical aspects of draftsmanship are dead on. I also enjoy sharing my collection with others. Cheers.

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