Saturday, November 12, 2011

Ravines and Film Sets

Today has been a day of unexpectedly intense exercise. What began as a walk in the North Yorkshire Moors, to track down another waterfall (Mallyan Spout), which we did and very pretty it was too, turned into something more than a walk... hours of trekking through woodland, much of it alongside the North York Moors Railway, stopping every now and again as one of the huge steam engines thundered past, and then finding ourselves on a sheep path rather than an officially sanctioned footpath, which was pretty enough so long as it stayed next to the small beck we had been following, but which then turned almost vertically up a steep ravine and the next half-hour it was hands and feet and knees and mud and slipping... the kind of thing that nearly kills you at the time but afterwards feels like an achievement.

... and the reward was arriving in Goathland station which is brilliant for a Harry Potter fan like me as it turns out I was walking on one of the sets of the films. This station, which has been frozen in time since the 1860s was used as the set of Hogsmeade Station in a number of the films. The photo at the bottom shows the bridge on which I was standing to take the picture below. Kewl eh? :-)

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