Friday, November 11, 2011

Fred Holland Day and Maynard White

I was searching for something else in the amazing archive which is the Library of Congress Image Library when I came across these two photos. The Library has quite a collection of work by and about the photographer Fred Holland Day and that's him, the older one, in the top photo. The young man he is gazing at is Maynard White, the son of the artist Clarence White. Day used all of White's sons as his models from time to time but Maynard was clearly his favourite and they became life-long friends. These photos were taken at the summer chalet in Maine where Day and the White family, and hordes of others it seems, went to retreat into a more relaxed and 'artistic' lifestyle. The Library of Congress has a number of photos of Maynard by Day which haven't been digitised, and it is possible to identify Maynard White as the model in a number of Day's more famous smokey black and white nude images but these I really liked for their evocative nature: very Brideshead, very Maurice...

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