Friday, October 21, 2011

The Royal Yacht Victoria and Albert II

A remarkable set of photographs of the Royal Yacht Victoria and Albert II which have come into my possession recently. The yacht was in service from 1855 to 1904 when she was scrapped. If Google imagesearch is to be believed then there are very few photographs of this ship extant. As a paddle-steamer she is quite recognisable and distinct from RY V&A I and II. Two of these photos, which I imagine date to about 1890 have the backstamp of the known Portsmouth photographer Symons and it's particularly nice that in one of the photos of the ship herself she is seen steaming out of Portsmouth Harbour with recognisable landmark buildings in the background. The top photograph is labelled as the Deck House in the Queen's Apartment, the bottom photograph is a 'corridor and staircase in the Queen's apartment', the other interior photo is the dining room. Unfortunately, there is nothing to tell me about the Captain and his dog although it is clearly from the same group of photos.


Anonymous said...

You should enquire of the Royal Archive if they have them. If not, they could be interested.

Anonymous said...

The email address is:

Anonymous said...

Picture of the captain is probably Adml Sir Jack Fullerton

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