Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ghosts And Ghostly Libraries at Senate House

Senate House is the HQ of the University of London. It is an astonishing building whose main claim to fame is its many appearances in television and film whenever a piece of fascist-looking architecture is required, most notably as The Ministry of Truth in "1984". My best friend is one of the denizens of Senate House and he was delighted to discover that the building holds the Harry Price Library, that is, the collection made by one of the most famous psychical researchers / ghost-hunters of the 20th Century. The library is now not easy to access in its entirety for reasons which aren't exactly clear to me but 20 years ago it was an open access resource and there is a great reminiscence of the library at Tom Ruffles's blog. To continue the theme, Senate House must be one of the only buildings in the country which has a blog dedicated to its ghosts, one which encourages up-to-date contributions. The same people also have The Magical Library blog up, an 'artistic response' to the Harry Price Library, but it has been 'coming soon' since April...

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