Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Best Ever 'Gay Interest' Photo... how the seller of this photograph on Ebay is billing it. (Click to enlarge). Perhaps the slight hyperbole can be forgiven since the photo is frankly, quite astonishing. I don't normally post nudity on Front Free Endpaper but I don't see how anyone could be particularly upset by this given the oddity of it. Having recently discussed on the blog what constitutes a 'gay' photo its hard to know how this wouldn't qualify: just what are the two men lying on top of each other actually doing...? The shaved heads suggest soldiers, perhaps Eastern European or German, in the first quarter of the 20th century. Groups of naked or near naked soldiers in photos are not uncommon, neither are photos of groups doing acrobatics but combine the two and add in the complete nudity and the very peculiar poses and we have quite the unique item.

The seller has very kindly allowed me to post it here but if you would like to see the photo in situ on Ebay, click here...

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