Friday, September 02, 2011

Vintage Swim B.S.C.S.C.

Three absolutely stonking vintage swim photos - or in this case Water Polo photos - just added to my collection. If you were wondering, BSCSC stands for Bishop's Stortford College Swimming Club. Particularly nice is the fact that many of the lads here are identified on the back of the photos.

Just a quick word about the watermarking. I would like to not put my web address on these photos but all too often I find them being used elsewhere on the Internet with no attribution or link. The worst offender in this regard is back and yesterday I discovered nearly all the images this blog has ever had by, about or of Ralph Chubb cobbled together into a new post on his blog. Let me be clear: if you have a blog or tumblr or flikr account and would like to use anything from this blog I do not mind at all, I'd be delighted, chuffed to mintballs... all I ask is the courtesy of a simple link back here, an acknowledgement. I understand that the internet is a bit of a free for all and I understand that occasionally we all find things we want to repost but can't remember where they came from, I'm very laid back about this kind of thing on the whole but until one blogger in particular who does it time and time again starts showing the courtesy of an simple acknowledgement I'm sorry but I will have to add the occasional watermark to the images posted here. Rant over...

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J said...

In the last photo, the guy standing on the left has quite a nice chest!

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