Sunday, September 25, 2011

Titanic Brochure

I once had my own degree of success with Titanic memorabilia when I came across a large photo of her in a local auction which had been taken while she paused on that fateful maiden voyage in Ireland. However, nothing on the scale of this little beauty which sold the other day on Ebay. For the time being you can view the listing here. This was a Souvenir Number of Shipbuilder Magazine, a fairly impressive production and was published in 1911. To say it is now a very sought-after book is probably underselling it somewhat - Ebay auction end price: 3,550USD / 2,299 GBP! after 44 bids by 6 different bidders. Interestingly the winning bid was by an Ebay newbie with no Ebay feedback, which might worry the Vendor for a little while but needn't do as this often happens with standout items - a serious collector who wouldn't normally have anything to do with Ebay is told about the item and registers specifically to bid on the one thing.

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