Saturday, August 20, 2011

Vintage Swimwear Poses

Well, I hope you'll excuse another pause in the blogging and accept the above as a token of my remorse for having been so quiet of late. I am now up off my sickbed and back at it.

The above is, in fact, one of a number of recent additions to my collection of photos and postcards of handsome folk in vintage swimwear. This photo in particular got me to wondering what it is about group photos like this from the 1910s and 20s which make them so recognisable as from that era. Obviously the swimwear is a bit of a giveaway but am I crazy or is there also something about the posing of group photos from this period which is very characteristic. I think it is the strange formal-casual nature of the posing: everybody differs slightly from everyone else in pose and there is a particular way that photos of this era have of capturing a moment when not everyone is looking at the camera, when gazes are going off to places we can't see or looking at each other. Anyway, they are a handsome bunch... do click it to see it in all its glory.

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phcube said...

Another photo I wish I had! Your collection is wonderful. I'm very envious!

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