Sunday, August 07, 2011

Naked Horsemen

Today's little find. As well as an unexpected treasure-trove of books at a local antiques fair today, this postcard was a pleasant find. We're no strangers here at Front Free Endpaper to the melding of naked man to naked horse and the painting reproduced here is by a Danish artist called Oscar Matthiesen and is called the Scanian Dragoons Head for a Swim (c.1905). There's more information about it and a picture of it in situ showing just how big it is in real-life on Flickr. Amusingly the bodies were modelled by enlisted men and then the heads on their fit shoulders were portraits of the officers.


Anna said...

If you can read Swedish there's a dissertation about nude male bodies from the turn of the century 1900, I think he writes about that painting. I had him as a professor in Fashions studies and Art History and I remember him talking about that painting.

Anonymous said...

This is my great Grandfathers painting. He was born in Germany and a very young went to Denmark. He was a very well noted painter and painted for noblemen and the King of Denmark. I grew up with many of his paintings and I happen to have several now. There were many military paintings. We even have drawing of the horsemen. His paintings were always sign OM or the full signature.

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