Monday, August 29, 2011

Handsome Vintage Swim

Have had a very nice couple of days away in London visiting my best friend and partaking of brilliantly weird oriental films on DVD, lots of very tasty Whiskey, the best sausage and mash I've had for a long time, and the entire third season of Supernatural... ah, what a weekend...

And on my arrival home these were waiting for me on the mat. I hadn't realised when I bought them that they were all bigger than postcard size. I guess an amateur but a very good one. The picture with the two (brothers I think) in profile is, in particular, very good indeed and reminds me of Herbert List's photos.

[Thank you to all who offered help with the mystery alphabet and Arabic in the post a few days ago. I shall respond to you all individually and then put an update onto that post...]

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phcube said...

The photo above is gorgeous. I wish I'd spotted it!

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