Friday, July 22, 2011

West Africa: Bridge with Naked Man

"Bridge With Naked Man" sounds a little like a title for a mid-twentieth century piece of British painting. However, in this instance, I'm refering to this curious set of photographs found in a box of ephemera bought at a local auction recently. These are 10" x 8" photos with a little age to them and the five which show the construction of a railway bridge I think are fascinating in their own right. Then, the last photo, a well constructed guy standing naked by a waterfall. Now, if you're reading this in a part of the world where it's summer at the moment, tell me that doesn't look inviting!

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deDeurs said...

The last foto's are extraordinary. The man looks like a ghost. It doesn't seem he was related to the bridge construction. It's fun contemplating the story behind it. Was he bathing near the waterfall, and did he realize he was spied on or did the photographer realize him being there only after he developed the the photo?
He looks - cliché - a fine specimen and I love the naturality. Homo Sapiens lost a lot in that regard. Most Africans have become quite prudent these days, and westerners are heading that way once more.

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