Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Vintage Negatives

I bought this chap, if you'll excuse that dreadful phrase, in a rather unusual format: as 4" x 3" negatives. The scans here are thos provided by the person I bought them from. Buying negatives, particularly in non-35mm formats seems a particularly 'old school' way of doing things. There's always the thought, 'ah, I have the negatives, I can make prints from them as many times as I want an at any size that I want' except, of course, in these days of the ubiquity of the digital image, it turns out that's not so easy. Bruce Sterling, one of the 'co-founders' of the Cyberpunk genre of Science Fiction (along with William Gibson) once ran, and may still do for all I know, an internet list of 'dead media' - any kind of information storage or handling media which is now 'dead', that is, can't be used or cannot be created anew today everything from the Chaldean clay tablet to the Betamax video - who would have thought even ten years ago, that the photographic negative could soon be joining that list.

For the record, all that I know about the above images are that they were taken in Panama in, probably, the 1960s...

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