Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Two Book Catalogues

I have, in the past, blogged about old book catalogues but this is something a little different. Two catalogues have been issued recently that I can commend to readers of this blog. The first is an astonishing catalogue by Natalie Galustian of Cecil Court in London who has put together, under the title They Were What They Were, a mind-bogglingly rare collection of books on the theme of early gay fiction. And then David Deiss at Elysium Press has joined in the fun of issuing a Short List. David's catalogues are always worth serious study by any collector or academic, or frankly anyone with an interest in Gay history and literature and, in a slightly more understated way (probably because he's been in the field much longer) the Elysium Short List #1 is just as full of goodies as Galustian's.

Obviously, I'll take this opportunity to remind you all that Callum James Books also issues a Short List every month or two of items often, but not always, relating to gay literature and history; if you are used to the contents of this blog you will not be surprised by what goes on the Short List. Often these items are at discounted prices or are new stock which has been held back from general sale for a while after the issue of the list. The only way to get it... is to be on the mailing list, so please just drop me a line (email link on the right hand side of this page) if you would like to receive an email every month or two containing details of items for sale.

I should also say that Callum James Books also BUYS books, photographs and ephemera. Obviously my interests are varied but I am largely interested in gay themed or gay-interest items. I am happy to consider interesting individual items or large collections and I will travel far and wide to view interesting material.

The advantages of selling to a specialist dealer are manifold but not least because I will understand what it is you have better than your local general secondhand bookshop. Also, because I may already have customers in mind, as a specialist I am able to offer you more money because I know the items won't be sitting on my shelves for years waiting for the right person to come along. Another, but by no means final reason why a specialist is going to be better for your material is that even if what you have is not for me, I am often able to point you in the direction of someone else who could help and to give advice and guidance about value. If you are looking to sell anything that you think might interest me (a single item, cheap bulk, a valuable collection, photographs or ephemera) then again, the email link is just to the right of the page - please click it and say hi!

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Anonymous said...

Any idea what the Teleny went for? What a find! If only the buyer could be convinced to have it reproduced as a deluxe edition.

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