Sunday, July 24, 2011

Things That Fall From Books #7

It's strange indeed that I should have chosen to do another in my occasional series of 'things that fall from books' just yesterday because I couldn't have known that today I would open another two books and find two more ephemeral delights. The first was a copy of The Human Form and its Use in Art by F. R. Yerbury and G. M. Ellwood and out of the back of that book fell not only someone's clippings of draped figures from other books for artists but also the prospectus for Eric Gill's famous book 25 Nudes. What's particularly nice about the prospectus is that whilst the book was published for Gill by J. M. Dent & Sons, the prospectus is clearly marked as having been printed at the Hague and Gill Press in High Wycombe, in other words, it is possible to imagine that Gill himself, or at least his son-in-law Rene Hague, had a hand in the production of this piece of ephemera.

The other leaf to fall from a book today was a little more random. A copy of Saunier's Treatise on Modern Horology, the Foyle's reprint from the 1950s had this tucked between its pages... go figure...

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