Friday, July 08, 2011

More from The Strand

There was a regular feature in The Strand Magazine called 'Beauties', a few pages in each issue devoted to showing pictures of beautiful women or children and they were all in this format with a highly decorative background in black and white line, with two or three photos inset. These three I found whilst looking through for more work by Alan Wright: and it turns out he did contribute to this section at times but for the moment I'm rather taken with these. They are all from Volume I, from the first half of 1891. They don't appear to be signed or monogrammed. Perhaps as I continue to go through the magazine I will see other work by the same hand that is attributed.


Anonymous said...

In case you didn't know...
A lot of issues of "The Strand" can be found online on As of today, vol. 1 through 8 are available, with more to come, I think.

Callum said...

Thank you JDB, I use a lot but hadn't thought to search for The Strand

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