Saturday, July 02, 2011

The Downtown Drug Co... Somewhere in Pennsylvania...

My taste for the retro doesn't often extend as far as the 60s, but these I just love. A set of 12, in total, b/w photos of the "Downtown Drug Co.". Unfortuntately, there isn't much more to help with the identification. They came with their negatives in an envelope and then all inside a paper bag which is from a chemist in Brownsville, PA. I've been all over Brownsville with Google Earth trying to track down where this might have been with no luck - of course, there's no reason why the drugstore in the photos has to be in Brownsville at all but someone was obviously proud of the place. Certainly the bright, clean, optomistic design and neon-lit aisles bursting with goodies are a far cry from most towns in the Rust Belt today. Notwithstanding that I can't pin it down any further, it's still a great set of photos which truely deserve the title 'retro'.

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