Sunday, July 31, 2011

Damaged Photos

Unlike book collecting, or ceramics, in fact unlike almost any other form of collecting that I know, the collecting of vernacular photographs is about the only sphere in which condition is not a major consideration. In fact, a photograph with signs of wear, cracks in the emulsion, silvering, bent and broken corners, pin holes, tape marks, all these things can give an added layer of character to an image. It's a difficult thing to describe and obviously one doesn't want the image itself obscured beyond visibility but nonetheless there is something almost more interesting about a photograph which shows it has had a bit of life than one which has been meticulously preserved. I hope the examples here from my collection speak about that more eloquently than I have been able to...

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Aodhgan Satryiander Merrimac said...

There is something almost magical about old photos, it is almost a form of time travel. Looking right into the eyes of some young man or young lady and realize they have come and gone. Promises realized, tragedies overcome, done yet still soon to come.
Wonderful photos.


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