Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Alan Wright's Infinite Love

I bought a run of bound volumes of the Strand Magazine today, largely of course for the Sherlock Holmes interest but was delighted, on flicking through the other contributions to discover that Alan Wright was a not insignificant illustrator in those hallowed pages. Alan Wright, you may recall from previous blog-posts here, is a much overlooked illustrator of the 1890s who was a friend of Gleeson White in Christchurch and hence, knew Frederick Rolfe and, in fact, became something of an early Corvine and in his dotage often looked back upon that time with Rolfe very fondly. Which is odd because it was Wright who illustrated Rolfe's How I Was Buried Alive which not only got Rolfe into trouble but the scandal of it rubbed off on Wright and he found it difficult to get as much work after the publication of Rolfe's story in The Wide World Magazine.

Anyway, as a slightly lone voice, I like to showcase bits and pieces of Wright's work when I come across it and these three illustrations are by far the most interesting I've seen in The Strand so far. They are illustrations for a piece of music, a song setting of words by Dante Gabrielle Rossetti: 'Infinite Love', with music by Maude Valerie White. Unfortunately, Youtube has failed me for a rendition of the piece, perhaps I can convince R to serenade me with it tomorrow...

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