Friday, June 03, 2011

Sylverne and Olga

Regular readers will know that I like, where possible, to do a little research into the images that cross my desk. I would love to know more about these two but have drawn a blank. They appear to prancing around in someone's living room! ;-)


Olov said...

I do love these sleuthing missions!

Am I right in reading the blindstamp as "S. Georges"? In that case, and depending on the full address, it might be a print from one of two studios: Georges Stoenesco (a one-time circus artist, later photographic copyist, who was sued for bankrupcy in 1929 for making illicit copies) or Mme S. Georges (who in the 30s seems to have been a rather prolific photographer of ballet dancers - there's a big collection at the Australian national library, though none of any Olga or Sylverne).

Callum said...

Hi Olov,

Yes, it does say "S. Georges" of London SW8, and well done for the extra information. The card is currently on sale on ebay: item number 170651322367. So if you are interested in owning a little piece of sleuthing inspiration it's there for the taking and finishes tomorrow evening...

Thanks for taking an interest.


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