Thursday, June 23, 2011

Indian Photographs

It was October last year when I first started posting about this collection of Albumen print photos from India - and I am still working my way through them. They were, every last one of them rolled up tighter than a cigar: I had them under a hot press numerous times and no difference did it make, seconds after emerging from the press they would curl up again. We're not talking a gentle curl, it was more like having a bundle of pencils in the bag rather than sheets of paper. So, given that in such a condition they had no value to anyone I opted for something one wouldn't normally do and I've being slowly laying them down, or backing them if you like, with acid-free tissue paper. This seems to do the trick, providing with the tissue and the bonding tissue, just enough strength to hold the photos flat.

Above all the technical shenanigans though, what I love about these somewhat faded images is their representation of pattern. The painted pattern on the walls of the image at the top for example are, I think, breathtaking: click it to enlarge.

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