Sunday, June 26, 2011

Best Colophon Ever...?

This is a curious book, a digest of peridical articles originally from 1807 and this published in 1886/7 and bound in a way which includes a cross stitch label on the front and a cross stitch bookmark sewn in.

But what I liked best was the 'statement of limitation' or colophon, possibly one of the best I've read (actually, this is a paragraph from the end of the introduction, but it is where the statement of limitation directs you to look):

"An edition of three large-paper copies of THE FOLLIES AND FASHIONS OF OUR GRANDFATHERS is printed on brown paperr, price ten guineas each. It seems that the British Museum has the legal right - a right always rigorously enforced - of demanding one of the most expensive copies of any book published. The writer has suffered before, and he takes this opportunity of getting even. He had intended only to print one copy on brown paper, but, before going to press, elected to have an edition of three - the first copy to the British Museum, the second for himself to take home and chuckle over when out of sorts, and the third for anyone who likes to pay for it."

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