Sunday, May 08, 2011

Short List #1 - Last Chance

The first of my new 'Short Lists' is now ready to go. A monthly (roughly speaking) email plus a link to an illustrated pdf file detailing 15-25 items each time of mainly new stock. Things listed in it will be held back from general sale for a while after the list is issued. Quite a lot will be items relating to gay history and literature but there will be other bits and pieces too - in fact, if you're a reader of Front Free Endpaper, you'll know the kind of thing to expect already. It's to be a varied list in both subject and price with, I hope, a little for everyone.

I will be sending the list out tonight. If you would like to receive it and subsequent lists please just email me at letting me know you'd like to receive it. If you've come to this post late then feel free to do the same and I'll add you for the future and send you the latest version.

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