Sunday, May 01, 2011

The Kray Twins for Sale

The Kray twins weren't perhaps the nastiest pair of gangsters who ever lived but they certainly ranked up there and, somehow, probably because they owned and operated a night club, they managed to bring a glamour to thuggery that it really doesn't deserve. These photos of Reg on the left and Ron (the gay one) on the right, are believed never to have been published before and come from the estate of a woman who was working with Violet Kray, their mother, on a book that was never finished, about the twins from their mother's point of view.

Boxing was an important part of their early life and here, at 15, they are a few years away from turning professional.

The photos are being sold at Gorringes auction house on 12th May along with piles of Kray memorabilia, letters, photographs and even their paintings.

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