Sunday, April 24, 2011

News From Callum James Books: Henry Scott Tuke

An Interview with Henry Scott Tuke by Flora Klickmann.
H. S. Tuke was, and remains, one of the top-flight painters of the male nude in the canon. His paintings of the young men of Falmouth are well known and heavily collected. He was also an extremely accomplished nautical painter. This interview was conducted and first published in 1895 when Tuke was at the height of his powers and beginning to enjoy the fruits of his success as a professional painter. It is a fascinating peek into his world. We have reproduced nearly all the illustrations that were used with the original article, including some that were created for it. 22pp sewn into a printed card cover with a colour frontispiece.

The book costs 9.99 GBP with postage in the UK of 1.00 GBP, in the EU 2.00 GBP and anywhere else in the world 3.00 GBP. Payment can, as usual, be made to this email address through Paypal (you do not have to have a paypal account to use this facility, just a credit/debit card) or as a sterling cheque made payable to "S. Martin" and sent to Callum James Books, 31A Chichester Road, Portsmouth, PO2 0AA.

Rare and Secondhand Mailing List

You'll be aware, of course, from reading this blog, that as well as publications, Callum James Books also deals in rare and secondhand books, photographs and ephemera. We are intending to start a mailing list, about once a month, with a mini-catalogue of new acquisitions and items of interest. It is likely there will be 15-25 items each time, that these will be offered through the mailing list before being put on sale on the Internet more widely, and there may be significant discounts on some items for buyers through this format. You can expect a number of items related to gay history and literature and a number with a broader appeal: the kinds of items which are highlighted on this blog from time to time. If you would like to be on this mailing list please drop us a line to

Equally, if you don't already receive email details of each new CJB publication as they come out and you would like to, please use the same address and make sure to say which mailing list(s) you would like to be added to.

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