Friday, April 08, 2011

Ex Libris Plates - Male Nude

I don't collect bookplates. This is neither because I don't like them, nor because I don't have any. In fact, my saying this is more of a defence mechanism. It is such a huge field and one in which I could see myself becoming so enthralled that "I don't collect bookplates" takes on the aura of a self-help mantra.

Of course, I have some. When I've seen ex-libris bookplates of or by the members of my queer-Victorian/Edwardian set, then of course, I've bought them and squirrelled them away. I've already posted about my copies of ex libris designs by Gleeson White and about his bookplate for Kains Jackson.

So, I was delighted when a kind friend sent me a selection of appropriately themed bookplates to add to my not-collection (scanned above). They include a very delicate image for the late Ekkehard Hieronimus, German pastor and expert on the photography of Wilhelm von Gloeden. Then there are two images by the very famous John Buckland Wright, perhaps best known for his early 20th century book illustration and his erotic engravings, this master of the heterosexually charged small erotic artwork turns his hand here to creating two images of Olympic youths for the late Anthony Reid, collector extraordinaire of gay books. Also, there is a very striking bookplate by J. Martin Pitts for BNL, a very well known expert in all things ex libris, printed in 1995 by my friends at The Old Stile Press,

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