Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Paint Chart of Books

I know a couple of blogs have highlighted this recently but I couldn't resist. I think it was originally excavated from the archives of Gallerie Fons Welters by Letterology. An installation from 2005 in which sun-bleahced library books were hung on the wall. I think the effect is great and reminds me some of those colour charts you get for decoration from the paint companies, or perhaps an artists watercolour pallette with loads of slightly messed up blocks of watercolour.


Jeff Freeland said...

Two stories:

I used to work in a library. It was so common for patrons to ask for a book by describing a vague subject matter and a usually certain cover color that we often joked that we should just shelve the books of our 2 million volume collection by color.

An acquaintance had a pair of built-in floor to ceiling shelves flanking the fireplace of his early 19th house. They were filled with unread, mostly antique volumes, beautifully faded, each subtly different and arranged shelf by shelf in a complete spectrum; purple on the bottom shelf and red on the top. I wish I had been able to photograph it. It was exquisite, but he also lived by candle light alone in certain rooms.

Callum said...

Jeff, I particularly like your description of the spectrum of books. I notice that on Nigel Burwood's, Bookride, at the moment there is an impressive photo of a collection of Victorian blue books - not naughtiness - books bound in blue cloth and stamped in gilt.

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