Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lads of the Sun: The Poems

We are delighted to announce the arrival of another in the series of poetry books which began with Jocelyn Brooke's Six Poems and Roden Noel's Ganymede and Bacchus. This is Lads of the Sun: The Poems by Edward Slocum. Originally published anonymously with a photograph of a naked youth facing each page, and in a vanishingly small edition, this is the first time these poems have been reproduced in their entirety since 1928. No-one would claim that Slocum is an unrecognised luminary of the poetic heavens, however, his thirty-five poems about the beauty of youth are full of light and fun, they are also unusually frank for the time and are shot through with more than a little sensuous eroticism.

Slocum was an industrial Chemist by profession and a photographer: and Uranian book collector and editor in his spare time. In 1924 he had issued, in a similarly small edition, an anthology of gay/pederastic poetry titled Men and Boys which is now one of the real rarities of Uranian book collecting. Even the 1978 reprint of that anthology by the Coltsfoot Press with additional editorial material by Don Mader and Timothy d'Arch Smith is now very scarce.

These poems are printed on 16 pages sewn and glued into bright yellow card covers and printed on Fabriano Ingres paper in a numbered edition limited to 50 copies.

Sales details will appear on the Callum James Books website in due course but, for now, if you would like a copy please go to the Paypal website and click on "Send Money". You do not need to have a Paypal account, merely an appropriate credit or debit card. The book is 9.99GBP plus either 1, 2, or 3 GBP postage for the UK, the EC, or elsewhere in the world respectively. Please make a little note that of the title you are ordering.

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