Thursday, March 31, 2011

I-Spy type publications from News Chronicle

These are peculiar little things. They are produced in the same way and by the same people who published, originally, the I-Spy Books that I have blogged about before. These are little booklets of quizzes set by this character Hubert Phillips, and as ever you can read all about him on Wikipedia, but the most remarkable thing about these quizzes is just how boring they are...

[For answers run your cursor over the white space]

On Shakespeare...

Approximately a century of English history is continuously covered in Shakespeare's series of historical plays. Which plays are these?

ANSWER: King Richard II; King Henry IV (in two parts); King Henry V; King Henry VI (in three parts). These four reigns cover the period 1377-1471. [yawn]

On The Bible...

Who are the three "major prophets" of the Old Testament? When (so far as is known) did they live?

ANSWER: (1) Isaiah. His active career extended from about 738 BC to perhaps 690 BC (2) Jeremiah... [oh yawn, yawn, yawn]

On London...

What is the Stock Exchange? What are its functions? How long has it been in existence?

ANSWER: [somebody kill me now]

So, on the one hand we have Hubert Phillips's cracking quizlets, and on the other the colourful, innovative and fun I-Spy books, not much of a choice I'm afraid.

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